I logged into my account to check my order status and it says "processing"
Great! That just means that your order is processing in production, and no longer "Awaiting Processing". This just means that our little elves are working away at your order and are one step closer to receiving the "it's ready for pick up" or a shipping confirmation.

What if I need to change something on my order?
You can change your order prior to the close of the fundraiser store, or prior to your order status being changed from "Awaiting Processing" to "Processing". Once we go into production (aka "Processing") though, we can no longer make changes.

I forgot to add my student's Name and Teacher/Grade to my spirit wear order, what do I do?
No problem, you can email us [email protected] and we will add to the notes on our end. Anything to help make your PTA's life a little easier is our motto! 😉 Please provide order number so we make sure we edit the correct one. 

I have more than one student, how do I order spirit wear for them?
No need to make multiple orders. Just put the most responsible child's name with their teacher/grade and order together in one order for pickup option. Or order under your name for all and have shipped directly to you! 

Where is the local pickup?
For School/Sports Spirit Wear - Your PTA will send your orders home through your student from school. So if it's a surprise, consider having it shipped directly. 😉 The page you ordered from should tell you about when and where this will be.

For All Other Stores - We may provide a location on your "ready for pick up" email. So keep an eye out! The page you ordered from should tell you about when and where this will be.

What's the best size?
School Spirit Wear - Your PTA will have samples of the main style tshirts and hoodies. If it's for another style, we recommend taking a great fitting top your student has and compare its measurements to the ones we have posted for each item.

All Other Stores - Email us [email protected] if you'd like to see a sample prior to ordering. We usually keep some in stock and you can come by and give one a try. By appointment only.

It's been 3 weeks, where's my stuff?
School Spirit Wear - Remember, ALL ORDERS will go into production at the close of the store. This allows for the store to be a fundraiser for your PTA! 🙂 It's like a bulk order without all the hassle for your amazing volunteers! 🙂 We pass that savings on to your organization!

All Other Orders, please reach out via email to see if there was a hold up for any reason. We may have tried to reach you already, so if you can contact us, we can clear up any issues that may have come up: [email protected]

I need an exchange!
Unfortunately as stated, once items go into production, we can no longer make changes. All items are made to order, so we don't have additional stock. That's why it's very important to use the samples provided when possible.

I forgot to put my unit number on shipping info!
No problem, in the past, USPS will return the item to us and we can arrange for a place for you to pickup your item. It can take a month to get the item back to us the way they sort shipping, so be sure to put your number or letter on there! 

I shipped to the wrong address!
If you can get the item back from the incorrect address, you'll want to try that first. Unfortunately, once we ship to the address you provided address, we have no control over the package anymore. A replacement can be made at cost. If the package is sent back to us, we will let you know when it arrives and either send it back to you for a small shipping fee, or provide a pick up location in Simi Valley, CA.

How do I set up an online Spirit Wear Store for another school or league?
Feel free to contact us to see what our availability is!