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Here at Afterglow Designs we have had the pleasure of working with some of the best clients. Covering clothing companies to medical services, from real estate agents to financial services, Afterglow Designs isn’t limited by industry. We’ve added custom signs, vinyl decals, vinyl lettering, and vinyl graphics to our list of services!

Why are we called Afterglow Designs? The founder, Carrie, wanted to help companies not only make an impact and stand out, but to have a lasting impression. To bask in the AFTERGLOW of their good works. Whether it be in business or personal life, what you do in your day can have a lasting impact on others. Make it a good one.

Let us help your business grow in the afterglow of your advertising.

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Our Team

We are a family owned and operated business. We love serving our first responder family, far a wide. You'll notice much of our online stores are paramedic and hospital uniforms. We try to provide quick service to our first and second responders to help keep them comfortable while caring for our communities. We also appreciate our local schools and youth programs, and it's our pleasure giving back with our Spirit Wear Store Fundraisers!

Carrie Martinez

Owner/Operator/Graphic Designer


Afterglow Designs started out as a web and graphic design business that Carrie could work from home while raising her kids, while her husband maintained a crazy first responder schedule as a paramedic. The company has morphed into an apparel and custom gifts business. Using her skills from sign writing at 20th Century Fox Film, along with years of web and graphic design, as well as years volunteering at her local baseball league fundraising and event planning, she has created a streamlined approach to Spirit Wear Fundraising. With help from her crew you can often find them at local events personalizing items on the spot.

Caleb Martinez

Event Support and Production Assistant


During Summer months and over the Holidays, Caleb runs our on-site personalizing booths. He also helps during the busy seasons with production. If you've visited our booth before, you know he takes good care of our customers!

Cadin McMahan

Production Assistant


Along with Caleb, during Summer months and over the Holidays, Cadin helps during our busy seasons with production. From getting imprints ready to bagging orders, he's one of the crew we rely on to keep our orders on time.

Caitlyn Martinez



While attending college, Caitlyn lends us her amazing artist skills to create unique gifts with custom artwork. Her passion may be writing, but her art skills are top notch!

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